Studio Custom, Lefty

We recently seem to be getting our share of left handed guitars.

The first step in building any Hamer is selecting the wood. While it’s always a painstaking process, sometimes we have to pay even more attention than others. That’s especially true with this very special Studio Custom. Our customer actually sent us a photo of the Ultimate grade quilted maple he wants us to match for the guitar’s top. The Talladega in the photo was displayed at last year’s NAMM show.

  • We first sorted  through our Ultimate quilt, our rarest figured wood. We found two pieces  that were close to what he was looking for. You can still see the  remnants of the bark on the side of one of the billets.
  • After applying  naphtha to both billets, to simulate what the quilt would like with a finish  on it, we settled on this piece.  More on this special guitar as it  progresses.



6 Responses to “Studio Custom, Lefty”

  1. Nice wood.
    Any chance for more pictures.updates of the 3HB Vector you guys were building 01/19/2010?
    Thanks for all your hard work, gentlemen. It is much appreciated!

    • Yeah, I’m pretty excited about this guitar…I ordered it !!!

      cant wait !!! I know its gonna be the best !

  2. It is great to see the “new era” of Hamer continuing. Great craftsmen and a great product.

    Kudos to all at the factory!

  3. I’ve heard of luthiers “tap-testing” wood. I guess to determine it’s base resonance. Is that part of the wood selection process?

  4. It’s nice to see the blog continuing. Roll on!

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