Vector III

We last visited the Vector III when we were matching the mahogany back cavity cover plate to the solid mahogany body and the flame maple truss rod cover to the peghead overlay. As you can see, we’ve made considerable progress since then. Here we see the body bound with inlaid mother of pearl purfling. It’s now ready for the neck to be fit.

The neck, with its matching mother of pearl purfling, will soon be mated to the body. Dig the coloration of the Brazilian fingerboard. Brazilian is now a protected species. Unfortunately, it was over logged for years and has been severely depleted. Our Brazilian rosewood comes from two sources.

The first source is from wood that was harvested years ago and used in building construction. Believe it or not, there are beams in South America made  from Brazilian rosewood. A friend of ours who hails from Brazil deconstructs the Brazilian rosewood structures and then legally exports the wood to the U.S.

The second source is “stump wood”. Previously when cutting trees, loggers left the stumps standing. The stumps are generally about three to four feet high, the height from the ground of where the tree was sawn.

We take pride in that we are able to continue to offer Brazilian rosewood while not impacting the standing forests.

The neck is joined to the body. Dave then carves, or blends, the neck heel for a seamless transition between the body and neck.

Here’s a close up of Dave using a hand file to blend the heel. You’ll notice that the mahogany coloration is lighter in the area that he is working. That’s because, prior to blending, we fill the neck and body with a specially formulated paste wood filler. The filler is used to fill the pores of the wood to ensure for flat surface onto which we spray. Properly filled wood impedes sinking of the lacquer into the wood. This, in turn, translates into a flat, even, mirror-like finish.  

The Vector has made its way to the spray booth. If you think that it’s beautiful in it natural state, wait until we spray some finish on it.

Once we have sprayed color over the neck joint, Dave’s blending work is really highlighted.

After it has been prepped and taped, Gary sprays our signature ’59 burst on the Vector III. Sunburst finish has always been a trademark for Hamer – so much so that we named a guitar after it! As many of you know, Gary’s sunbursting sets the industry standard.

Here’s a little closer look at Gary working his craft. The flamed maple really comes to life with the burst.


4 Responses to “Vector III”

  1. Gary is the best ‘burst finisher on the planet.

  2. Hamerica Says:

    Thanks for the update on the Vector III. That top is just too much, a touch too much.

  3. specialk Says:

    Words don’t do that Vector justice. It just doesn’t get any better. Great work guys and thanks for update.

  4. Wow. Very nice work, gentlemen!

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