Vector III is Complete (and it’s awesome)

After air drying for over two weeks, it’s time for Todd Gencarella to start buffing out this V. In some ways Todd has come full circle working in New Hartford. He originally worked in Guild Guitars’ Westerly, Rhode Island shop. He came highly recommended by Willy Fritscher, the General Manager at Westerly. As you may know, we moved Guild to New Hartford a couple of years ago. It’s a turn of events that Todd never expected when he started working at Hamer in January 2002.

When Guild was moved from Westerly, Todd was offered a relocation package. However, he passed on this opportunity: “I like New England because of the weather – I love the changes in the seasons.” Living in Westerly, Todd “grew up on the beach.” Hamer is located about 1 1/2 hours from Todd’s old stomping grounds, so it’s worked out well for him.

Previously we posted photos of the inlay work when the Vector III was still in the woodshop and just being sprayed. Once buffed out, with the contrasting sunbursted figured maple peghead overlay, the mother of pearl inlaid logo takes on an even more lustrous quality.

Todd continues that the “biggest thing about Hamer is the challenge of the instruments that we make – to build the best that that guitar can be. Each one is like your child.”

Like children can sometimes be, the wiring on this guitar is a real challenge. Also like children, the electronics for this guitar are pretty amazing.

The 1st potentiometer is a volume control for the neck and middle pickup. The middle pot is a volume control for the bridge. The final pot is a master tone control.  It’s also fit with three mini toggle switches, one for each pickup. When the switch is in the up postion, the pickup is off, in the middle position it’s full humbucking and in the down position it acts as a coil tap.

Like all Hamers, this Vector III goes through an extensive set up and play test before it’s shipped. This attention to playability is one of the reasons that Hamers play so well right out of the shipping box. As a guitarist, final set up is another fun part of Todd’s job: “I like to write and record music. I have three CDs out; they’re all instrumental. One CD is all mellow while two are rock oriented.”

Check out the flamed maple, mirror-like finish and three four conducter Seymour Duncan ’59 pickups. A picture really is worth 1,000 words. We’ll let you feast your eyes.

Naturally we had to engrave the customer’s initials in the matching truss rod cover.

What Todd would “personally like to see with Hamer is see both worlds where we mix the ’80s with the current models.” There’s a little bit of that in this Vector.

From this photo it’s clear that we really did match the backplate from the same piece of wood as the body. You can actually see the grain and coloration running from the back of the body through the mahogany backplate itself.

We sequentially serialize all of our guitars, with the first number indicating the year it was built. Years ago we had a separate serial numbering system for custom guitars. So much of what we do now is custom that even if we wanted to continue with that serial numbering system, it just wouldn’t make sense.


5 Responses to “Vector III is Complete (and it’s awesome)”

  1. specialk Says:

    Possibly the nicest guitar I have ever seen. Truly a work of art that everyone involved with can take pride in. Congrats to all, you keep outdoing yourselves!
    If I change my name, those monogrammed initials will fit me…..

  2. Only sharp-eyed fans of Hamers ( I am one) would notice the brass threaded inserts for the back plate screws… How come no mention from you guys? It IS worthy….

  3. cmatthes Says:

    Great work guys!

  4. I would love to have the brass inserts on my 1986 12 string bass, but it only came with itty bitty wood screws. That is a great touch and much appreciated when inserted on the backplate of the guitar.

  5. Mike Bjorgo Says:

    OMG, this is without doubt the most gorgeous V I have ever seen! Makes the Gibson 50th Anniversary V look like a booger! I damned near bought that V, but snagged a flawless ’03 Monaco Elite instead. Smartest move yet. It’s my first Hamer, and if I have anything to say about it, won’t be my last!

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