Guitars on Ice

Hamers sometimes pop up in the most unexpected of venues.  We’ve long had a strong relationship with the world class skaters that make up the Stars on Ice tour.  It all started when Rick Nielsen wrote the score for the tour and became close friends with Olympic Gold Medalist and five-time World Champion Scott Hamilton, who founded Stars on Ice.

When Stars on Ice was recently on tour in Hartford, World Champion and six-time United States Champion Todd Eldredge paid a visit to our New Hartford shop to learn just how the guitars are built. He brought fellow skater Ben Agosto’s Talladega with him for a tune up.  Here’s our own Todd Gencarella with Todd Eldredge in the Hamer set up booth.

Todd plays a Monaco Elite in Indigo Blue. Todd correlates having a Hamer “to starting to learn how to skate, you wouldn’t buy a cheap pair of skates to learn how ot skate like the pros.”  On tour, Todd skates to I Want You To Want Me.  As you can see, he dresses appropriately.

Todd “chose I Want You To Want Me because it not only is a fun, upbeat song to skate to but it is a song that is recognized by pretty much everyone who has ever listened to rock music.”  Todd continues that “music is probably the most important part of my skating in Stars on Ice. The music I select for my routines has to be something I will enjoy skating to throughout the entire tour.  It can really set the mood and tone for a great performance.

2010 Olympic Silver Medalist, two-time World Silver Medalist and five-time United State Champion, Ben Agosto is new to the Stars on Ice tour and has taken guitar to a completely different place. Ben actually plays his Hamer Talladega in Black Transparent while skating his program.  Ben’s long been around guitar:  “My dad plays classical and flamenco guitar, so I always had music in the house. I wasn’t really that interested in learning guitar until I was about 10 and heard a Stevie Ray Vaughn cd.  I was blown away, and said ‘I have to learn how to play this.'”

During his routine, Ben is “playing the Olympic Theme and SRV’s version of Lttle Wing. Both are solo pieces so I can improvise as I like, however when I’m skating it definitely makes improvising a lot harder.”

Ben conitnues that “In skating, musicality is very important. I am always performing to music, so being able to ‘feel’ the music really makes the performance more believable.”

“In skating or playing, practice is the only way to get good. I think the practice skills I have learned training for the Olympics have helped me improve my guitar playing.” Like we said, sometimes Hamers pop up in the most unexpected of venues.


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  1. Jim Falco Says:

    How does he do that???

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