Another Quilt Top Tiger Eye Comes Through The Shop

We completed the woodworking on this Artist Custom and are now readying it for the spraybooth. If you’re interested in how we stain the top Tiger Eye, check out the post on the left handed Artist Custom where we walked through the entire staining process.  Like the lefty, this Artist has a breathtakingly beautiful top.  The AAAA quilted maple has a tight bubble like look.

This Hamer boasts a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard with ten Victory inlays. 

One feature of the Tiger Eye is that while it is a dark finish, it highlights the quilt, rather than masking it.  The woods that we use are so difficult to procure that it always makes us feel good when they are featured.  We bound the f-hole of this beauty with celluloid binding, always a nice touch.

One more shot for those of you who really appreciate Ultimate Grade quilt maple.

Here’s Gary applying the stain to a matching quilted peghead veneer.  We cut the quilt for the peghead from the same billet that we use for the bookmatched top.  It really is a matched peghead veneer.

Nice contrast between the top and the f-hole binding.

What a gorgeous peghead.

For those of who can’t get enough of a good thing…

So that there isn’t any overspray in the sound chamber, we tape off the interior of the f-hole.

The mother of pearl Hamer logo provides a pretty contrast with the Tiger Eye quilt maple as well.

We’ll catch up with this guitar again once it’s a bit further along.


One Response to “Another Quilt Top Tiger Eye Comes Through The Shop”

  1. andy turnbull Says:

    Hi, I have a wonderful 92 vintage s , it looks amazing! and the build is top class. Around that time Ive heard that hamer had a tough time, but Im happy to see your new range with a REAL vintage/modern mix.
    Im looking at getting a new guitar, do you do the custom shop thing?
    My new dream guitar would not be part of your newer range , but I think Ive got a very SIMPLE but very hip guitar in my head.
    I can send a pic of my 92 s…. its still the best guitar Ive got!

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