Standard Brazilian Goes Green!

When we last showed you this Standard, we told you about some of the more subtle customizations such as the Brazilian peghead overlay, the Hamer mother of pearl logo being moved to the tip of the peghead and the wide flame maple top.

Now comes the not so subtle part, the green Sunburst finish.  Gary starts out with a light color coat.

We use gravity feed siphon cups when we spray our colors.

Here’s the guitar prior to bursting.

Gary’s darkening up the edges to achieve the Green Sunburst.  This is a green to green Sunburst, with no yellow involved.

The sides, back and neck are sprayed a matching transparent green.

We’ll try to get you some more photos as this guitar gets closer to completion.


3 Responses to “Standard Brazilian Goes Green!”

  1. Jim Falco Says:

    Gary is brilliant at painting guitars.
    I enjoy looking at the finish of my C/O as much as playing it.

  2. Gary is the man. Never has Hamer produced such incredible finishes as Gary has, and Hamer has always been great!

  3. Muiito massa vey, as Hamer tiram onda. auhsauhsu’

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