Model Resurrection

Try as we may to no longer build some of our older models, ocassionally we get requests for models that have long since been discontinued. Though we feel that our current line up of guitars is stronger than ever and is most representative of what Hamer has developed into, we’ve been doing our best to honor your discontinued model requests.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of changing aesthetics, such as inlaying the fingerboard with mother of pearl crowns or spraying an old color. Other times it’s far more complex and involves building a guitar from the wood up.

For much of Hamer’s history we did not document our guitars with computer aided design. Even our hand drawn blueprints were somewhat sketchy. As a result, we decided to retain models of many of the historical  guitar bodies.  Using these rough prototypes we are able to recreate an accurate reproduction of the original design.

We thought that you might get a kick out of seeing some of these older models. Here we’re showing off guitars from the 1980s. We’ll leave it up to you to try to determine the original specifications.

First offered in 1977, the Hamer Sunburst double cutaway guitars provided the basis for a whole stable of new models. In 1980 we introduced the Hamer Prototype. Four years later we added a single coil neck pickup and had the Proto II, shown below.

Originally dubbed the Proto SS, the Steve Stevens model was an outgrowth of the original Protoype.

Naturally we had to follow up the Steve Stevens with the SSII.

The oringal Phantom came out in 1982. The Phantom A7 was fitted with a Roland G700 synth unit and is most closely associated with Andy Summers, who was integral to its development.

The 1984 Scarab guitar was a play on the design of the Hamer Standard. This Scarab I is routed for a Kahler tremolo.

Rick Savage fans will recognize the Scarab Bass, which came out a year after the orginal Scarab.

The 1986 FBII had a raised center piece, though it was a set neck design.

Here’s a Californian Deluxe body, which was introduced after the original 1988 Californian.  Note the alder wood.

We ran a series of guitars for the Miller Brewing Company in the mid 1980s; we’re not planning on resurrecting this model any time soon.


12 Responses to “Model Resurrection”

  1. LOL! Good call on the Millers.

  2. Jim Falco Says:

    Favorite basses in order:

    1) Standard Bass (4 & 12)
    2) FBII Bass

  3. Holy crap, you’re willing to build these again????!!!!!

  4. A run of FBs would go over extremely well! LOVE that model.
    Thanks for posting these-post the rest (please)!

  5. Phantom Fan Says:

    Cool pics. Though I would say that Phantom A-7 was put to better use and seen by more people in the hands of Glenn Tipton rather than Andy Summers.

  6. Jim Falco Says:

    I’d put an order in for an FBII bass if they did.

  7. Make mine a red transparent curly maple top Scarab Bass with black headstock and boomers. Also reverse headstock.
    Will they make these again?

  8. Michael Grant Says:

    I`d love to get a couple of new SS1`s or SS2`s ordered the way I wanted them from the shop……..hardtails, different pickup configurations, different scale lengths, 24 or 27 frets, reverse headstocks, LEDs…… I saw a late 80`s Chappy not too long ago with a flame maple top and sunburst finish, I thought it was cool just because it was something different than the day-glo colors and airbrushing that was the norm back then…….

  9. I’m still waving the Phantom and SS1 banner – My Phantom A-7 guitars (or my Steve Stevens from the batch that was made for him with Roland electronics) still get seen almost every weekend – with a 24 to 13 pin adapter, they work even better with the Roland VG-99 than with any of the specifically guitar synth gear that preceded it. As a rough estimate, I’ve been fortunate enough to use them for a half a million people or so 🙂

  10. I had Hamer build me a custom guitar (serial# 820215) based on the Steve Stevens model back in 1988, and it is still the most fantastic guitar I own and I play it regularly as my main instrument although I have many others to choose from. I’ve been looking to buy another one as a back-up and cannot even find “donor” guitar used anywhere! Hamer just makes the best guitars regardless of price – period! Keep up the good work folks!

  11. I’m a Bassist whose first real influence to play bass (at very least in terms of simply “style”) was Rick Savage and his Scarab Basses from the greatness that is their “Hysteria” album to their constant play on MTV as well as their still fantastic “In The Round, In Your Face!” concert film. I’ve love to be able to purchase a copy of the one he played in the “Rocket” video – IIRC, Metallic Black with a Reverse Headstock. One day, whether from a purchase and refinish of an Original Model or more ideally a new built, I *will* own that bass – it’s far too much a part of my beginnings as a Bassist not to have one… and a good reason to work on my pickstyle skills! 😀

  12. Bring back the Scarab and Blitz Bass…Maybe a 5 string Blitz?
    Back in the 80’s I had 3 Blitz Basses one with a Kahler…still have one ..Zebra paint job. Wish I would have kept the Kahler one. Used it quite often. I bought a Scarab a couple of years ago…glad I did.
    Bring em’ Back !

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