Come Together…The Two Ultimate Parts Become One

We last brought you through the completion of the neck for Artist Ultimate #66 but still had much work to do on the body.  As with the neck, we use a nylon filler strip when binding the body.  We later remove the nylon strip, leaving a channel in which we set the mother of pearl purfling.

We use precision dentistry tools when inlaying the pearl.

Each piece of pearl is snugly fit against another.

We have six different sizes of pearl, each cut to a specific radius for different parts of the body.  We then custom cut those pieces to adjust for each individual body.  Fitting the pearl around the horns is a painstaking procedure.  

We are careful to retain the top “dish” when hand sanding the pearl to the figured maple top.

We hand sand to accentuate the peaks on the horns.

The sides too are hand sanded to be flush with body binding. 

The figure on this top is dramatic. 

We can’t overemphasize the amount of detail work that goes into an Artist Ultimate.

Most builders utilize plastic side position markers.  Hamer side dots are made from black mother of pearl.

The fossilized ivory nut is fit in anticipation of the neck being bonded to the body.

The matched pair is ready to be bonded together.

Our massive neck tenon supports the entire fingerboard while insuring unparalleled sound transmission between the body and the neck.

After the neck is set, we route the tenon to the floor of the neck pickup route.

The neck and the body are now one and ready for spray.

Each step we take brings the guitar closer to life.


2 Responses to “Come Together…The Two Ultimate Parts Become One”

  1. In the last image, it looks like there is an Improv in the works.

    • Jim Falco Says:

      That’s very unusual figuring on that Maple top.
      Very interesting.

      It does look like an Improv in the last pic.

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