Tiger Eye Beauty

We thought that you would like to see this Artist as it makes its way to life.  Like with all Hamers, we hand sand the finish.  It often surprises people how often we level, or sand, our finishes. 

To achieve the depth of a Hamer finish, we level our guitars three times during the finishing process.  We start by leveling the guitar after the first four coats of clear lacquer have been sprayed.  We use 320 grit sandpaper for this leveling.  We then spray three more coats of clear and level a second time, using 400 grit sandpaper. After the last three coats of finish have been sprayed there is a final leveling.  On the final level we start with 800 grit paper and then progress through 1200, 1500 and 1800 grit. In sanding with progressively finer paper, we retain an extremely flat finish and only have to perform a minimum amount of buffing to bring out the luster in the guitar. 

We think that the results speak for themselves.  After leveling and buffing, the guitar is ready to be fitted with its component parts.

Keeping our workbenches clean and well organized enhances accuracy and minimizes the chance that a guitar will be damaged during assembly.

We still hand wire all Hamers.

The proper tools are at the ready. 

Another beauty is born. 


One Response to “Tiger Eye Beauty”

  1. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on guitars for 38 years. Carried them all over hell and back. I purchased a Cheey Red Flat Top Blues Model w/ 18k gold hardware, best money I’ve ever spent! How do I get another one, someone stole that one while I was Rehab!

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