Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’re back from vacation and the finish on this lefty has cured sufficiently.  We let all of our guitars air dry for a minimum of two weeks prior to sanding and buffing them.

Here’s a backstage tour of Todd Gencarella completing the guitar.  Enjoy!

Earlier posts showed off the woodworking and finishing involved with this lefty.  The customization continues with the component parts and electronics fitted to this guitar.

The machine heads are locking Sperzel. 

The pickups are a Duncan ’59 at the neck and a Duncan Custom at the bridge.

It comes together nicely.

There was some back and forth on settling the electronics.  This Studio Custom is fitted with a master volume, three way toggle switch and master tone control.

We moved the master volume control closer to the lead pickup for ease of volume swells. The location of the selector switch necessitated the use of of a short Lev-R switch like on a Talladega rather than the larger one normally found on a Studio.

Both the volume and tone controls have push/pull potentiometers.  This set up allows for three distinct settings:

1)  Both pots pushed down: Normal humbucking mode with 3-way switch activating either or both pickups.

2) Volume pot up, tone pot down with the 3-way in the neck position: Neck coil of the rhythm pickup only.

3) Volume pot down, tone pot up 3-way in the middle position: Inside coils of both pickups

We tape off parts of the guitar during the assembly and stringing process to minimize the possibilty of scratches to the instrument.

We even tape the peghead.

There’s a southpaw out there who is going to get some satisfaction from this guitar.

That’s guaranteed.


5 Responses to “Satisfaction Guaranteed”

  1. Looks great with the Crown inlays! Nice work, gentlemen!

  2. Beautiful! i own 6!

  3. Jim Falco Says:

    Todd levels a finish like no other.
    Outstanding work, as usual.

  4. Gorgeous! Great job on choosing the options. That finish is really something. Congrats to all!

  5. This guitar now lives with me in the UK. I’m very lucky. Thank you Hamer and the ‘guy’ that originally commissioned this build. It is spectacular in every way.

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