Standard of a Different Color

We have a procedure that we like to follow with custom colors.  It’s somewhat cumbersome but keeps us aligned with what the customer is looking for.  We send out color samples sprayed on 4″ x 6″ blocks of wood – using the actual material that the guitar will be built from (for instance, a mahogany back and a figured maple top or a solid block of Korina).  In this manner the customer sees what the finish will look like in a way that a photo cannot depict.

We didn’t follow our own procedure on this guitar.

It’s hard to admit, but as a result we got the finish wrong.  Luckily, the customer saw the earlier post on this guitar and asked if we could change the color to be a green to yellow sunburst, not green to green as it had been sprayed.  Naturally we obliged.  It delayed completion of the guitar but we’ll have a much happier customer.

The end result speaks for itself.

The Brazilian rosewood peghead face looks great once it’s buffed out and has its machine heads installed.

Hand wiring the electronics.

Our shielded electronics cavity.

So that we can effect a proper ground, we sand off the anodization on a corner of the backplate.

Once the anodization is removed, the metal backplate will make contact with the lip of the shielding paint that is sprayed just over the electronics cavity.

Todd’s shirt says it all.

Some shots of this completed Standard… 

finished in a different color.

We aim to please.

Our aim is true.


6 Responses to “Standard of a Different Color”

  1. Beautiful work guys, well done

  2. WOW,what a way to think outside the box!!!!!

  3. I LOVE IT! Well worth the wait. Everything I hoped it would be & MORE! Thanks guys, it looks amazing! I can’t wait to get her in my hands. Hamer is the best!!!!!

  4. I wasn’t sure how the overlay would look but our friend David got it right, as did our friends in CT. Thanks everyone!

  5. What model pickups are being used?

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