Black Beauty

Our earlier post on this guitar detailed the woodworking that went into this beauty.  Jason Dumont is now taking this Standard through its final stages of sanding, buffing, assembly, wiring and set up.

We use random orbital sanders to sand, or level, the top and back.

We hand block the sides

and the peghead face.

Black is one of the most difficult colors to buff.  Every scratch shows with black so attaining a high gloss finish is vital. Having a hard rock maple top on this Standard provides a solid base for the finish and results in a flatter finish that will sink less over time.  With the hard rock maple top and lack of a sound chamber this guitar has some heft.

Like many at Hamer, Jason has a keen interest in guitars.  We welcome our luthiers building their own guitars as well.  There aren’t many jobs out there where you want to do the same thing at home that you do at work.  Such immersion is testament to the passion that our people have for guitar.

In Jason’s case, his  interest led him in a bit of a different direction, building lap steel guitars.  What started out as a project has become a top lap steel guitar line, Lap King.  Check out Jason’s website to see more:

As always, the electronics cavity is shielded and hand wired.

Jason installs the gold covered Jason Lollar Standard Imperial pickups called for on this guitar.

By tightening the machine head bushings by hand we are sure never to overtighten, which can cause finish imperfections.

The four ply .020″ binding, such as we use on the Improv, sets off the peghead.

This Standard is fitted with a black pickguard and lots of gold hardware.

The four ply binding extends around the fingerboard as well.  The genuine mother of pearl crown inlays look right on this Standard, providing a vivid contrast with the jet black ebony fingerboard.

Here Jason is hand cutting the nut for the string slots.

While we do measure for the string action, we also extensively play test every guitar.

This guitar actually sounds…

better than it looks.

That says alot

about this Black Beauty.


7 Responses to “Black Beauty”

  1. MAN !!!! ..That is so KILLER !!! I want one now !!!

  2. Dear Ya all…

    I’m breathless. This is the one I ordered. I just can’t wait. WOWWWWW!!!

  3. What happened with the black lubritrak nut? And the change in truss rod cover? What demographic are you aiming for? I know, a lot of questions but I must say that I take a lot of pride in spreading the Hamer Gospel when my ’93 59b Studio accompany me to my nearest G.C. to show why its better than any PRS in stock anywhere. Keep up the good work!

  4. Jim Falco Says:

    WOWWWWW!!! doesn’t even begin to describe this one!
    I love the extra level of class the gold hardware adds.

  5. Totally awesome. Doesn’t get much better.

  6. That is a beautiful guitar. I want one, but with a reverse headstock! Yes.. 🙂 Keep up the good work guys.

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