Free Bird

 When we were approached to build an FB, we gave it some thought and decided…why not?  In the past we had built this body style both for guitars and basses.   The first FB was built in March, 1986.  We actually built more basses than guitars, which may well have been due to our relationship with Nikki Sixx.

We don’t have the original tooling for the FB series so everything had to be laid out and routed by hand.  Note the pencil lines extending from the neck route.

Rather than building the body from three pieces of wood as would be typical for a guitar like this, we built it from one massive piece of mahogany and then routed the wings down, leaving the raised center section.

Final routing the body perimiter.

Here we are plunge routing for the pickup tabs and height adjustment screws.  Typically, the guitars had two pickups.  This order called for one humbucker, making the woodworking somewhat more complex.  Because the neck continues for the length of the entire fingerboard and we retain a very tight neck joint we can build the guitar without a neck pickup.

Did we mention that it was ordered with a reverse Standard headstock?

The neck has been bonded to the body and the guitar filled with grain filler.

Measuring and laying out for the bridge position.

Drilling for the bridge.

With a single pickup and one volume control, the electronics cavity is sparse.

Taped up and ready to for paint.  What color will set this bird free…


9 Responses to “Free Bird”

  1. Bob Yarbray Says:

    Well….I’d say a 3-color sunburst would set it off…..

  2. Fantastic!

    I’ve been waiting to see if one of these would wing its way through the shop.

    Great job, guys!

  3. Oh boy! One of my favorite all time Hamers. I remember those Nikki Sixx basses and thought, I want one of those. Can’t wait to see this one completed.

  4. Beautiful!!!!
    I’ve got to start saving pennies now.

  5. I’ve got the giggles!

  6. I love electronics. Bring on the borg revolution!

  7. Gadgets galore. I love them. But it sure is expensive to keep up with the trends…

  8. 2 in a row that I never thought Hamer would build again, the Watson & the FB.
    And we’ve seeing the return of crown inlays also.
    Thank you for listening!

  9. Ferrari Red, black hardware, NO PICKGUARD!!!!!!

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