A Vintner’s Dream

We were somewhat surprised when our long time friend Mark Snyder decided to come off the road and take up a day job.  We first got to know Mark when he was Vernon Reid’s guitar tech.  He later worked with Peter Frampton, collaborating with him on the Framptone line of effects.

Perhaps we shouldn’t have been terribly surprised that Mark’s day job was to start a winery in…Brooklyn!  It’s not as outlandish as it might sound.  Mark supports local growers by using New York grapes.  He was recently featured in his winery in Guitar Afficianado.

Mark introduced us to Robert Foley.  They’re close friends and business associates.  Earlier, in its maiden issue, Bob was featured in Guitar Afficianado.  In addition to guitars, the magazine is clearly big on wine.  Bob owns the prestigious Robert Foley vineyards in Napa Valley.  His vineyard is the Hamer of wines: small, handcrafted and of the highest quality.

When he’s not making some of the best wines that come out of Napa, Bob is playing guitar.  His placing an order for an Artist Ultimate seemed a natural.  The color?  Cognac of course.  We previously showed you this Ultimate being built in our woodshop.  Here are some pics of it coming to fruition.

The guitar is grounded to the Belgian shielding paint that is applied to the pickup cavities. 

Using a set screw to lock the tailpiece into the stud.

 Normally we outfit Artist Ultimates with Duncan Custom Shop serialized and and signed humbuckers. This guitar was fitted with Phat Cat single coil pickups that we developed in conjunction with Seymour Duncan.

Nice detail work.

Measuring for string action.

Dangerous curves.

Impeccable fretwork.

Hand cut mother mother of pearl purfling.

In addition to their normal serial number, Artist Ultimates are wood stamped with a consequtive serial number.  This guitar is the 66th Artist Ultimate built – an excellent vintage.


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