Spraybooth Ready

Bravo to those of you who made the trip to Chicago to get to know Paul Hamer along with his family and friends.  We’re confident that a wonderful time was had by all.  In days gone by Paul would regularly visit our music dealers both in the U.S. and abroad, often holding clinics at the stores and allowing our customers to get to meet him.  It’s good to see that a group of you have recently been able to associate a person with the name on your headstock.

We only wish that there was still a shop in the Chicago area for you to make the pilgrimage to while you were visiting. Though we feel that we have found our home in Connecticut, our old shops in Palatine, and especially Arlington Heights, were special indeed.  When in Arlington Heights we started the tradition of opening our doors to our customers. We’ve continued that tradition on a number of occassions since moving to Connecticut in April 1997 and continue to do so with these postings.

Here’s a peak into some of the custom guitars that are currently in, or about to go into, the spraybooth.  Though they are primarily variations on stock models, they all receive the same level of painstaking attention.


3 Responses to “Spraybooth Ready”

  1. Bob Yarbray Says:

    They’re beautiful at every stage. Someday I’ll make my special order….

  2. For the loyal Hamer fans who haven’t had the opportunity to experience the sights, sounds and smells of the workshop in New Hartford, it is really a very special place. These blog pictorials do a fantastic job of conveying the attention to detail and pure craftsmanship that goes on every day within those walls.

    Thanks so much for sharing – these updates are always great!

  3. Nice job Hamer. Order is on the way c

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