Since posting photos of some of our earlier guitars, we’ve been receiving custom inquiries for a variety of discontinued models. We recently were asked whether we could build a Virtuoso. As a result, we decided to hunt one down to refresh our recollection of  how we built them and to photograph it for future reference.

Paul Hamer designed this guitar in 1986, aptly naming it after the type of musician who would covet such an instrument.  The first Virtuoso was completed in January, 1987. We continued to build Virtuosos on a most limited basis into 1989. This one was built in June of 1988.  The lacquer checks reveal its age while adding to its personality.

36 frets on a scalloped maple fingerboard.

Reverse peghead, mondo logo, Floyd Rose tremolo

Can’t get enough of that fingerboard.

Smoothly blended heel.

Early Floyd Roses bolted through the neck. Hamer pioneered the use of the Floyd Rose on a “production” guitar. The Floyd allen key holder was mounted to the back of the peghead.

Extended cutaways for those who dare play past the 24th fret.

We’ll see whether we get an order for a Virtuoso some 20 years after it was discontinued.


10 Responses to “Virtuoso!”

  1. All i can say is:


  2. I believe I’ve played that white Virtuoso! before… 😉

  3. We need a catalog of all the guitars Hamer will build!

  4. Nice. The Virt was ahead of it’s time in many ways. I hope someone pulls the trigger on one in the future. I know I will when the day comes.

    I’m surprised no one has come through with a Californian Elite build yet. With the prices they’re fetching on ebay I would rather custom build one to my preferred specs.

  5. Jim Falco Says:

    This change in policy regarding what Hamer will build for a client is Great!

  6. I agree… I am hoping they will post pics of the guitar I just ordered to underscore this new policy!

  7. Too bad that can’t be a production guitar today, or a usa californian. A great Idea for Hamer as a company is to bring back one of their shredder guitars every year and make that a usa production guitar. There are so many people out there that are looking for a great usa superstrat but are limited to the hard tail bridge guitars with bubbly body shapes that they see at every music store. Also id they see a superstrat its just one of those import models. That would bring in some other clientele instead of what appears to me to be rock, rock a billy, blues, jazz. For crying out loud if Hamer usa wants to carry on their tradition of great guitars they need to include their usa guitars from one of the greatest eras of music, the 80s. Can I get an amen?

  8. Bring back the Hamer USA made 27fret Californian with a modern twist using active pickups. 3 pickup options, EMG X’s, Dimarzio sustainer (i.e Jackson PC-1) and a seymour duncan set up.

  9. Is that a neck thru or set neck or ? I’m guessing a neck thru.. What a killer guitar.. Love it.. Keep it up..

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