Setting the Standard

For over 30 years Hamer has been setting the standard in electric guitars.  Over the years we have refined our earliest models while introducing many new ones.  Our first model was the Hamer Standard.  It has remained our flagship ever since.

Some may speculate that our glory years are behind us. Ohers may be misinformed as to our history. We look at Hamer as a continuum, learning and moving forward while remaining true to our heritage. 

This Standard epitomizes that philosophy and is very much like the original, a bound body with a dot unbound neck. A primary difference is that rather than bonding an eastern curly maple veneer to the body we use a massive big leaf (western) flame maple cap; we view this as an improvement.

What a phenomenal top.

We’ve also upgraded our wiring, paying as much attention to those parts of the guitar that you can’t see as those that are visible.

Quite a few years ago we changed pickups from DiMarzio to Seymour Duncan.  While we have collaborated with both companies to voice pickups specifically for Hamer, we have left the winding to them – it’s what they do best.

We like to show off our tight neck joints.  Our luthiery remains unsurpassed.

As our production is limited, we have the luxury of using only the highest grade Honduras mahogany. It has to be wide enough for a one piece Standard body.  We’re discriminating in our choice of woods –  just like you.

In the late 1970s we made a decision to change from Grover Rotomatics to Schaller machine heads.  Like Schaller, Grover has a storied history.  However, Schaller continues to manufacture their tuning gears in Germany, as they have all along. Sadly, neither Helmut nor Rene Schaller are still with us.

The logo on this Standard is like the originals, a paint transfer at the tip of the headstock.

Setting the standard with simple understated elegance brought to you with the highest level of craftsmanship. This Standard is ready to rock.


6 Responses to “Setting the Standard”

  1. What a gorgeous instrument!

  2. That is great to see the return of the orginal style Hamer Standard. As always your work looks & is top notch.

  3. I didn’t realize the early Standards had thin veneer tops until I brought #0531 in for a restoration. When I put it next to my new Standard 12 bass I can see the huge difference in the maple tops. The new one is so 3 dimensional in any kind of light, whereas the ’81 Standard bass is flat looking unless you put in sunlight. The fit and finish are way better on the new builds. The shielding and wiring, and the use of the electro-socket instead of the old Switchcraft deep socket too. So, no, your glory days I would say, are right now.

  4. Now if you could only build a left handed version for less than $3k!

  5. Hey there, how are you doing?! Any updates coming soon? Haven’t seen any new posts for a while!! 🙂

    All the best,
    Curt Wrango

  6. Hamer has set the standard for over 30 years! Love the old school logo look. From Palatine, to Arlington Heights, up to New Hartford all of them quality instruments. From Rock Hard Maple, Mahogany, and Killer Korina the standard has been one of the greatest rock guitars ever to hit the stage.

    Thanks to Rick N., Lita F., Dave H., AndyP,, Ricky M., Richie S., Tommy S., Tom D., Kevin B., and so many more for playing their Standards on stage.


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