Special So Special

The Hamer Special is an outgrowth of the Sunburst, our original double cutaway model that we introduced in 1977.  Simple, straightforward and leaning heavily on heritage, the Special was designed to be a working musician’s guitar. When our long time friend Tommy Williams called asking if we could build him another Special for his upcoming Hooters European tour, we knew that it was a perfect fit for him.

The Special has been through a number incarnations.  It has been built from solid mahogany and from African Limba (Korina).  We’ve fitted it with humbuckers and soapbar P-90s.  It’s had a Tune-O-Matic style bridge with a stop tail piece and it’s sported a wrap around bridge.  We offered the Special FM, in effect a dot inlay Sunburst with the body binding stripped off. 

However, we’re especially happy with this particular version. It has a one piece slab Honduras mahogany body with our trademark mahogany three piece stressed neck system with a vintage neck carve.

Here we’re pitching the neck to the body. We pitch each neck individually.  This guitar has Pigtail wrap around bridge.  Our normal wrap around bridge neck pitch is 21/32″ from the top of the frets to the face of the body at the bridge. To accomodate the Pigtail, we pitched this neck just over that measurement.

We’re outifitting this guitar with a single pickup Jason Lollar dog eared P-90 pickup.

Recently many of the guitars that we’ve been building have been highly customized.  While they are both interesting to build and challenge our luthiery skills, it’s refreshing to reach back into our past and take on a basic and straight forward guitar that is simply made to be played. 

Maybe it’s the simplicity of this guitar that makes it so special.  Now it’s got to have some attention.   



3 Responses to “Special So Special”

  1. specialk Says:

    Fantastic! Specials were aptly named, and this one sure deserves it. I’m glad to see the wizards in the Hamer shop making a total rock machine! Thanks very much for the pics and youtube link!

  2. Glad to see you guys are doing some older models! That wood working is incredible…can’t wait to see the outcome of this and the custom chaparral.

  3. anthony Says:

    dont forget the sustane block early ones from the 80`s.
    the one i have is very special, peferct

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