Hot Pink? No Doubt!

You’re probably familiar with Tom Dumont’s arsenal of Hamer guitars. His Vectors, Standards, Newports, and Specials have been seen by hundreds of thousands as he has toured worldwide with Grammy award winning No Doubt.

We thought that we would take you behind the scenes and show the latest Hamer to join his arsenal. We just shipped out this beauty. We’re confident that you will see much more of it in the future. As Tom will tell you, he “like(s) playing Hamer guitars.”

Tom’s starting point was the Special K model, only Tom wanted it built from mahogany, not korina. Here we’re drilling for the electronics.  Note the pencil marking lines on the guitar.  All of the electronics were laid out and drilled or routed by hand. Tom asked that we relocate the toggle switch to position 1 (the normal volume location). The tone control was moved to where the 3-way toggle switch is normally found.

The “Special K” was offered with P-90 pickups. Tom requested Seymour Duncan Phat Cats, in effect single coil pickups in humbucking housings. This meant that the pickup routes also were hand routed.

The Special K usually is fitted with a wrap around bridge. Tom asked for the Hamer Sustain Block bridge. This entailed following the fingerboard taper to the bridge so that we could then determine the bridge center line.

Here we’re routing a 3/8″ roundover around the back perimeter of the guitar.

The famous Hamer neck joint that we take so much pride in.

Tom’s never been bashful with either his wardrobe or his guitars. We color matched a hot satin pink sample that Tom supplied.

This stage guitar definitely called for electronics shielding.

Hand wired as always.

The humbucker housings, in turn, dictated a custom made pickguard.

We continue to sequentially serialize our guitars. Nice Klusons.

The name says it all.


Very Cool.

No Doubt.


20 Responses to “Hot Pink? No Doubt!”

  1. so nice. can’t wait to see it live

  2. What an awesome guitar ! The color is actually quite sharp and very unique ! You did a great job showing the whole process of how to build a NEW guitar, from start to finish. What a great post !!

  3. Sooo Sick i love it 🙂

  4. neat. can I touch?

  5. I am in love with that beautiful guitar!!! Amazing craftsmanship! Yowza.

  6. oho h oh muy chevere esta!

  7. […] is so cool-Tom just tweeted a link to the blog of his guitar-making company Hamer,which posted today about custom-building and shipping out to him […]

  8. That is freaking sweet. Can’t wait to see it on the next No Doubt tour!

  9. What a very nice peice of art…I’m sure it will be in safe hands….make it sing.. 🙂

  10. MIchelle Arnold Says:

    Tom that guitar rocks! I am so happy that I tattooed your name on my arm. Yours was the biggest signature. Can’t wait for the new album and I hope you guys tour. It is always wonderful to see ND live!

  11. specialk Says:

    Nice one for Tom and a great build by the group at Hamer USA! I like the satin headstock and the pg.
    Thanks for these blog updates, guys!

  12. love it!!!

  13. Jim Falco Says:

    Great work, Cool Guitar: As usual, another show stopper from the best guitar & bass builders on the planet!

    Did anyone notice the countersunk straplocks?
    Very cool indeed!

  14. And thank you for the workshop blogs.
    Very much appreciated!

  15. Is the strap holder an internal locking type of device, like an inside out version of a strap lock?

    I ask, because I break strap locks, straps, and etc. . . bounding about stages.


    • Frank Smith Says:

      Hi, these are flush mount Dunlop strap locks. The main unit connects with the strap then locks in the unit in the body. (Todd, Hamer) Thanks for checking out the blog!

  16. Nice work guys!
    Big thanks for keeping the blog alive.
    Hope More soon to come 😉

  17. Haywood Jahblaume Says:

    I just love that pink color! Does this mean that the Special K is still available to order? Schee-weet!

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