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Avenue Blue

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Those of you who have followed Hamer’s history know that we have been working with Jeff Golub for years now. He’s a great guitarist who is comfortable playing rock, jazz or blues.  Jeff first gained notoriety when playing with Billy Squier. Later followed a long stint with Rod Stewart. Jeff then rolled out Avenue Blue with a long run into the jazz world. Jeff’s latest album, Three Kings, is a soulful blues tribute. Jeff is joined on the album with the likes of Robben Ford and Sonny Landreth. Three Kings was just name one of Art Thompson’s “Top Three” in Guitar Player magazine.

Jeff favors the Hamer Artist, Daytona and Improv models, which cover the spectrum of his musical tastes. Unfortunately, Jeff’s Artist recently took a tumble.

Normally we would have opted to repair the headstock but the damage was too extensive. 

With the cracked peghead and neck heel we decided that a new guitar was in order. At least we could take solice that even with such severe damage the oversized Hamer neck joint stayed intact; it was the wood itself that broke. We used Jeff’s original hardware on the replacement guitar.

Here’s the Artist nearing completion.

Our man Todd Gencarella always takes care.

Side by side.

The old and the new.

The Artist needed the addition of just one small detail, the strap button extender. Through his years of playing, Jeff’s hands have gone through a lot of strain. Extending the strap button, which changes the balance of the guitar, relieves the pain in Jeff’s hands.

It looks unconventional but it works for Jeff.

Jeff has recently undergone even greater pain. This year he suffered from a degenerative eye disease, first losing sight in one eye. He has now lost sight in both eyes.

Jeff has always had an infectious personality, bringing laughter and smiles to those he meets. He has adjusted to this dramatic change in his life as well as one can. He reminds himself that the world continues out there in full color even though he cannot share the sights. He is hopeful that a remedy can be found to reverse his loss of sight.

Through it all, Jeff continues to play and tour. We feel that he has rightfully earned his musical seat beside the Three Kings.