Can’t Stop The Music

In our Ain’t That A Shame post we told you about the tragedy that was Ottawa and how it wreaked havoc on a number of Rick Nielsen’s guitars. We had previously repaired the headstock of the Checkerboard Standard on a number of occassions so the Ottawa storm took an especially hard toll on it.  The Checkerboard Standard now has another companion.

Can’t forget the checkerboard pickups!

Insuring that the pickup checks align with those on the guitar.

And they do!

The guitar wouldn’t be complete without matching knobs.


Mother of Pearl Bow Tie Inlays

The pickup surrounds have been cleaned up.

On this guitar we painted the Hamer logo in both black and white.

Can’t forget the neck.

Complete and ready to rock.


5 Responses to “Can’t Stop The Music”

  1. Andre Shark Says:

    Wow. What a looker!
    Real nice work.

  2. Translation Says:

    Looks like they made the longer headstock on this one???

    Great work!

  3. Finally, Enola gets a well deserved break. With the old Dimarzios, wonder how it sounds? Like it should be “On the Radio”.


  4. Hello estimated friends of Hamer, Rick Nielsen’s guitar remained like new, brilliant. Only a question: you occupied the same original body of the guitar or made one new?

  5. Where’s the “Enola” truss rod cover?

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