Racing Power

It seems that our customers can arrive at countless variations on a theme. Here, we took a long discontinued model and hot rodded it further. The engine is provided by the white Barden rail pickups, with the triple-coil housed in our proprietary surround.

The surprisingly simple electronics provide an array of sounds. The serious sustain driven by Hamer’s sustain block bridge has long been established.

String through the body construction further enhances sustain.

Sperzel machine heads are always a nice touch.

Then there are customizations such the tumbling mother of pearl Boomerang inlays and the grained ivoroid fingerboard and headstock binding. We applied a mondo Hamer logo back in the ’80s so that it would be visible from stadium seating. This customer requested that retro touch. Ferrari red completes the powerful package. We’re confident that this guitar will be well driven.


8 Responses to “Racing Power”

  1. Sammy Hagar needs this guitar–“The Red Rocker”

  2. That is just perfect – GREAT job, guys. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got coming up next…

  3. Hamerica Says:

    I feel the need…the need for speed! Hamer USA once again knocks one out of the ball park into Orbit. I know of a certain Virtuoso that needs to have its picture taken with this guitar.
    Congrats to the Hamer Racing Team for making Ferrari look so good.

  4. I just played it through several amps, and it sounds KILLER through every one! Impossibly good fit and finish, light weight….it’s wonderful. My hat (if I wore one!) is off to the excellent Hamer builders that put so much energy and love into this guitar. You guys never cease to amaze!

  5. specialk Says:

    You guys don’t mess around with base hits, you just keep hitting them out of the ballpark!
    Kudos to all and I hope EVERYONE appreciates the effort and work and love you put into each guitar. Your craftsmanship is second to none.

  6. Killer looking guitar. Great the stadium logo is back.

  7. Chris Herman Says:

    Most guitars get women’s names, but I want to call this one “Enzo.”

  8. Damn!!!! You guys should be doing this for a living!!!!

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