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Sometimes the biggest things come in the smallest packages.  That’s certainly the case with the Impact Bass.  Hamer started working with Kip Winger in 1989, creating the Impact Bass in collaboration with him. With such a small body style, the working name during the development phase was the “Compact Bass”.

The Impact bass was historically built with a solid mahogany body.  Kip initially specfied a white bass with grey bevels. The custom Impact Bass that we shipped to Kip in June 1989 was the trademark Copper color. 

The customer for this bass wanted none of that.  Rather, he requested a flame maple cap over the mahogany body with a cherry transparent finish.  One of our concerns was to maintain the maple cap with the beveled edges.  The customer agreed to beveling through the maple to the mahogany if need be.  We were able to execute the bevel without that occuring.

The 24 fret rosewood fingerboard on this instrument extends all the way to the end of the neck.  Yes, the customer requested a rosewood – rather than ebony – fingerboard but retained the Boomerang inlays. The tenon is hand fit into the neck route.

There’s still a good deal of carving to do to achieve the seamless blend between the neck and the body.

As with all Hamers, this neck was pitched by hand.

The blending process starts on the vertical sander.

Dave has penciled out the parameters of the blend that he is looking to achieve. 

Dave Brown starts the neck blending process.

Tools of the trade. Luthiery at its finest.

Here we’re grainfilling the mahogany back in preparation for spray.  Due to its hard dense nature, the maple neck does not require filling.

Gary Pirro brings some color to this beauty.

Once it has dried for two weeks it was time to finish sand and buff out the compact bass.

Todd is fitting the bass with EMG P/J pickups, just like the original.

Dave’s carving paid off.  Check out the transition from neck heel to body.

It may have a compact body but this Impact Bass has a hammer of a sound.


Birds Fly

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Some of you are currently preparing to travel to Chicago to get to know a little more about our early roots, meeting, playing guitar and celebrating with Paul Hamer and some members of the old Hamer crew. The New Hartford contingent, many of whom are Chicago transplants, isn’t going to be able to make the trip but wishes you the best in your journeys!

We’ve been staying busy completing this bird, which is beautful in its simplicity and harks back to some of our earlier days.  As for color…

It buffed out nicely.

Reverse peghead, mother of pearl logo, Schaller machine heads.

Seymour Duncan zebra ’59 pickup, single 500K volume control and a Tone Pros wrap around bridge.

Clean neck joint with full fingerboard support.

The cup jacks have worked out nicely.

Bursted all over.

Made in the USA – a clear preference.

This bird’s ready to wing its way to its new home. If you are winging your way (or however you may travel) to Chicago, enjoy the Windy City.  We’ll be thinking of you.