Bringing Myths to Life

The mythical god Thor would surely embrace what has often been considered a mythical guitar. Often talked about but rarely seen, this bolt of lightning will add thunder to its anxiously waiting owner’s repertoire. Built from one solid piece of Limba, the body is vibrant and light weight.

Here Dave is routing this custom instrument. Note the soft tooling routing fixture that Dave fabricated from a mahogany cutoff.

Todd readying to flat sand and buff the Bolt.

The body shape is actually that of a V cut in the middle with a flipped wing. We custom machined and gold-plated the tailpiece.

The strings run through the body in the manner of our Sunburst guitars, though the array of grommets is unique indeed.

The existence of this model has long been a myth. We put an end to that.


4 Responses to “Bringing Myths to Life”

  1. Wow what a unique piece. Great craftmansship.

  2. O.K….typical high quality hamer stuff…but…how does it balance? Looks neck-heavy

  3. Hamerica Says:

    Custom Shop = Hamer USA, the guitars being completed now are fulfilling Guitarist Dreams.

    There should be no more questions of “will they do it ?”

    Aldo Nova foresaw this and stated, “Life is just a fantasy, Can you live this fantasy life?”

    And who better than THOR himself to comment on this Modern VIntage Creation – “Your ancestors called this magic but you call it science. I come from a land where they are one and the same.”

    Superior Craftsmanship and a Little Hamer Magic – Killer!

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